Choosing a Toothbrush

This or that?

Been to the toothbrush aisle recently? The choices are overwhelming. There is this toothbrush with this feature and this toothbrush with that feature. Consumers are overcome with all of the new designs. Then come the materials, attachments, and multi selection of colors.

No matter what toothbrush design you choose, most importantly use that toothbrush 2-3 times a day. What’s more, the time you spend brushing your teeth is just as critical as how often you brush. You want to make sure you remove plaque from those hard to reach spaces.

Mechanical or electric?

Mechanical or electric toothbrushes are very effective. Our dental team recommends them as one of t he most thorough ways to clean your teeth. Pulsations not only break up plaque efficiently, but there are models that come with timers that remind you to brush longer.

In addition to your electric toothbrush, you should always have a manual toothbrush standing by. These are the features you should look for: a compact head with very soft, rounded bristles.