Grafts for Treating Gum Disease

There is another option for treating gum disease. The dentist can resort to soft tissue grafts. This involves removing a flap of skin from the roof of a patient’s mouth.  In some cases, the dentist will take the graft from another donor source. The graft can be used to cover an exposed root or to even the gum line to reduce sensitivity.

If you have an exposed tooth root that’s causing severe pain when it’s subjected to extremes in temperatures, there are periodontal procedures available to stop dental problems like this. Then again, maybe you have an exposed tooth root, which is a result of gum recession. It may not be painful or sensitive but it might make one of your teeth look longer than the other. Or you may just want to enhance the aesthetics of your gum line.  Periodontal procedures can correct all of these dental issues, providing relief and personal assurance.

The first thing to do is get the contributing factors under control. Once that is done, a soft tissue graft procedure can repair the defect and prevent additional recession and bone loss.