Scaling & Root Planing

In certain cases where acute periodontal or gum disease doesn’t respond to typical treatment, you may have to a unique kind of cleaning. This is referred to as scaling and root planning.

A special instrument called a “scaler” is used in this process. It is a small ultrasonic device that allows the dentist to clean beneath your gum line to remove the plaque and tartar that’s irritating your gums. Before the dentist begins this procedure, he will administer a local anesthetic to take care of any discomfort.

Following the scaling, the next thing the dentist will do is plane and smooth the root surfaces. The purpose of both of these procedures is to assist the gums in reattaching themselves to a clean and receptive tooth structure. The dentist might have to undertake additional measures if the current periodontal pockets persist once scaling and root planning have been completed.