Periodontal Exams

Importance of Gum Health

Checking the health of your gums and teeth are essential, making periodontal exams a vital and necessary procedure. A thorough exam by your dentist will alert him or her to possible gum diseases, gingivitis and periodontitis. This type of exam will also expose receding gums, exposed roots, tooth grinding and other issues. Your recurring dental exams are equally vital. These exams can reveal evidence of gum disease while it’s still in its early stages.

During your periodontal examination, we will check:

  • Any lumps or abnormal areas in the mouth
  • If any of your teeth are missing or loose
  • The color, texture, size and shape of your gums
  • If you have fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures or implants
  • The amount of plaque on your teeth
  • The space between your tooth and gums

Inflammation of the gum is the first stage of the periodontal disease called gingivitis. If this is suspected, the first thing your dentist will do is take dental x-rays. From the x-rays, your dentist wants to see if the inflammation has spread to the supporting structures of your teeth. If so, treatment will be started immediately to correct the problem. Periodontitis is a disease is a result of gingivitis going untreated. It’s no secret that periodontal exams are vital in the efforts to prevent and cure gum diseases. You will receive a periodontal exam with each dental visit, raising the importance of your regularly scheduled visits to your dentist's office.