Women & Tooth Care

Women undergo a number of changes throughout their lives. They experience menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, breast-feeding, and menopause. These physical changes create changes in the body and this may affect a woman’s teeth and gums. It’s because of these changes that women may have special needs when it comes to oral health.

When a woman's hormone levels rise, there is a possibility that lesions, ulcers, dry sockets, as well as the chance of swollen gums, can sometimes occur. If you experience this it is a good time to schedule a visit with your dentist. Certain medications have been known to result in dental issues. For example, birth control pills can increase the risk of gingivitis. Hormone replacement therapy could cause bleeding and swollen gums. And gum disease has been known to pose a higher risk for premature births.

There has been some research conducted that has revealed women might be more susceptible to developing dry mouth, eating disorders, and possible jaw problems such as temporomandibular joint disorders. Some have even encountered facial pain. Each one of these disorders can be difficult from both a physical and emotional standpoint. 

Attentive oral health care is an essential approach to preventing any future problems. It can also go a long way in helping you overcome the physical changes your body will face in the years ahead.